Bishop of Lichfield, Jonathan Gledhill, interview (Staffordshire County Magazine)

Staffordshire County January 2008

I really enjoyed doing this interview with the Bishop of Lichfield, the Right Reverend Jonathan Gledhill, for the January 2008 edition of Staffordshire County Magazine.

I had interviewed him before in my Sentinel days and always found him interesting and easy to chat to. Who could fail to warm to a Bishop whose cats are called Guinness and Oedipus?

In the interview he talks about his hopes for Staffordshire, his long-standing connections with the county and his own beliefs.

Jonathan had always felt that faith made sense. But at the age of 16 he realised he had to make up his own mind about what to believe, and decided to set God a challenge.

“I did an experiment,” he said. ” I said, ‘If You are there, show me, and if not, I won’t be a Christian. I said I would go to church, read the Bible and say my prayers, and gave Him six months to get in touch. I didn’t know what to expect.

“In the end, it took less than six months. The best way to describe it is that the conversation became two-way.”

View the PDF of the interview with the Bishop of Lichfield, Faith in the Future, here.





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