Big news – back to journalism

This week I acted on something that has been on my mind for a long, long time.

I resigned from my Media and Communications Manager job and from September will be focusing on freelance journalism.

Ever since I left my job as a journalist on a daily regional newspaper way back in 2005, I’ve felt a hunger, a calling, to be back in that world. But for various reasons – especially marrying my husband and starting our family – it suited me to be in a more steady, safe and secure environment, with regular hours and a good salary.

Over the years I’ve had a real sense that my image of myself and my reality were diverging, and I’ve now come to the point where I want to bring them back into line.  I realised that as there would never be a right time to do it, there was no time like the present. Truly, I couldn’t not do it.

I’ve had a great response from family and friends, many of whom knew how I was feeling. One of the most touching things is that people say they are proud of me for doing it. I hope I will continue to make them proud.

I might write a bit more about this once I have finished working my notice period, but for now, I’m so excited about starting this new chapter!

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