Press release: Find Nemo at Cannock cinema club

Film lovers will enjoy family favourite Finding Nemo at the next meeting of Cannock’s children’s cinema club.

The animated hit follows clown fish Marlin as he sets out from the Great Barrier Reef to rescue his son Nemo from a tank in a dentist’s office.

Organised by CreateChurch:Cannock, the CreateCinema:Club takes place on the last Saturday of the month from 10am to 12pm at the Electric Palace Picture House in Walsall Road.

Youngsters from birth to 11-years-old can watch classic children’s films on the big screen with their parents and carers, at a cost of just 50p each to cover refreshments.

Doors open at 10am when tea, coffee and squash will be available at no extra cost. Filmgoers can also buy pop­corn and other snacks.

Tickets for Finding Nemo will be available on the door on Saturday, October 26.

The family-friendly CreateChurch:Cannock meets every Sunday from 10am at the Electric Palace Picture House.

For more information see

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