H2Only Day 2: Tea equals love

I’m taking the H2Only Challenge with three friends to raise money for the RNLI. This means we will drink only water for 10 days from 5pm on Tuesday, September 13th, until 5pm on Friday, September 23rd. No coffee, tea, squash, pop, wine – even fizzy water is banned! It has to be just plain water, “H2Only”. You can sponsor me, Beckie, Karen and Keith at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/createh2only.


A guilty pleasure

I probably have it easier than many people doing the H2Only challenge because I’m a stay-at-home mum. I’m not constantly surrounded by colleagues making endless cups of tea and coffee, tempting me with their deliciously caffeinated beverages and driving me crazy with that scrumptious fizzing sound that accompanies the opening of a can of Coke (ohhhhhhhhhh!).

But today my husband was at home, and it made me realise how much we communicate love through little acts like making each other a cup of tea or coffee. It didn’t bother me when he had a coffee with breakfast and I cracked on with my water. I didn’t mind when we got back from the school run and he had another coffee and I had, yes, water. But it felt very strange when I was flagging significantly thanks to my horrible cold and my husband instinctively wanted to look after me by making me a hot drink. And oh, I really wanted one! Running the tap for a glass of water just didn’t feel the same. But I stuck it out and he later came back from town with a big bar of Galaxy chocolate, two chocolate cupcakes (one each!) and a copy of my true guilty pleasure, Heat magazine. The cupcake would have gone down beautifully with a cup of coffee, but never mind.

Other than the comfort of nice, warm drink, the other drink I am missing is sparkling water. I got a taste for this while I was pregnant (it was the only thing I could bear to drink for about six months) and it’s a lovely, thirst-quenching treat. After yesterday’s blog post, it was interesting to read comments in the H2Onlies Facebook group from people who are also finding that plain tap water leaves them still feeling thirsty. I’m still finding that to be the case. I wonder if my body will eventually adjust.


Day 2 (168.2lbs)

On the weight front, I have apparently lost 1.8lbs since I started the challenge on Tuesday! My weight does tend to fluctuate a bit so we shall see if this continues. No improvement (yet?) with the rosacea – I still have a bumpy, rosy face, but then it’s been humid and hot these past few days and my face does not like that type of weather. My cold seems to be clearing up (although I look shattered) but I have been in a bad mood today. Two people independently told me to stop moaning! Not sure if I can blame this on the water challenge though…

EDITED TO ADD: My husband has just made me a cup of hot boiled water as this is when I would normally have a cup of tea. True love!

Day 1

Day 3


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