H2Only Day 7: New tactics

I’m taking the H2Only Challenge with three friends to raise money for the RNLI. This means we will drink only water for 10 days from 5pm on Tuesday, September 13th, until 5pm on Friday, September 23rd. No coffee, tea, squash, pop, wine – even fizzy water is banned! It has to be just plain water, “H2Only”. You can sponsor me, Beckie, Karen and Keith at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/createh2only.


Ah, Volvic! (Excuse the mess – and Gilmore Girls – in the background!)

To try to avoid the whole “not drinking at all” thing from yesterday, I decided to try a couple of new tactics today.

When I got back from the school run I downed a glass of tap water, then set a timer on my phone for an hour. When that went off, I drank another glass straight down. And so on and so on, every hour, until the afternoon school run came around. Then another glass just before dinner.

Drinking a glass down in one go rather than sipping from a bottle all day seemed to make it a bit more palatable. I was becoming so tired of water but I think doing it like this might make it easier to get to the end of the week without shrivelling up into a husk through lack of drinking.


Day 7 (168.8 lbs)

In the interest of “drinking more water in the eternal quest to try to improve my skin”, I’ve tried before to drink a glass of water every hour on the hour (alongside a normal, delicious variety of drinks!) and never succeeded. Maybe I’ll manage it in the future.

For my second new tactic, I am treating myself to a big bottle of Volvic straight from the fridge. This is going down surprisingly easily. I don’t know if it’s the coldness or the magical French volcano springs (as an aside, I spent a month working for Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand, not far from the source of Volvic, during my degree), but I’m already halfway through a litre bottle with no effort at all. Tomorrow’s experiment – put my normal water bottle in the fridge and see if that helps.

[Congratulations to my friend Karen, who started the challenge early and finished today! She celebrated with a decaf coffee. Well done, Karen!]

Day 6

Day 8

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