Green Parent magazine discount code – £5 off subscriptions

Get £5 off your subscription to The Green Parent magazine when you use my code HHILES.


I LOVE The Green Parent magazine. I’ve been a subscriber since early 2011 when I was pregnant with my older son and I’m still excited when my copy drops through the door. When I’ve subscribed to other magazines for more than a year I’ve often found that they start to repeat themselves, but every edition of The Green Parent manages to stay fresh and inspiring.

As an example, the latest issue includes articles about baby wearing, how to start a blog, stand up comedy, healthy cake recipes, home education, creativity, natural beauty products and how to awaken joy in your children’s lives. And that’s just a snapshot!

My first Green Parent feature appeared in the February/March 2013 edition and was entitled Could You Be A Stay At Home Mum? (I wasn’t an SAHM then but am now, so apparently I could!). Since the June/July 2014 edition I’ve written the regular Meet The Author series, and have had the privilege of interviewing the likes of Gretchen RubinKim John Payne, Janet Lansbury, Richard Louv and Milli Hill.  You can find all my Green Parent stories here.

The Green Parent comes out every two months and is available in print and in a digital format. A 12-issue subscription (which lasts two years) costs £35 but you can get £5 off when you use my promotional code. Just head to the subscription page and enter HHILES in the “Do you have a coupon code?” box in the billing details section.



15 thoughts on “Green Parent magazine discount code – £5 off subscriptions

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