Interview with Dr Amy Brown, author of Breastfeeding Uncovered (The Green Parent)

Amy Brown Dec 2017 - Jan 2018

The December / January edition of The Green Parent magazine includes the latest in my series of interviews with parenting authors and experts.

I spoke to Dr Amy Brown, an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences at Swansea University, about her book Breastfeeding Uncovered: Who really decides how we feed our babies? and how society is undermining   women’s confidence in their ability to breastfeed.

I can’t understand why we happily drink cow’s milk, which comes from another species, but are so disgusted by breastfeeding. People sit in coffee shops pouring cow’s milk into their drinks while criticising someone for breastfeeding at the next table. It’s messed up.

You can read the feature here (PDF).

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