Interview with Bernadette Russell, author of The Little Book of Kindness (The Green Parent)

Bernadette Russell Sept 2019

The October/ November edition of The Green Parent magazine includes the latest in my series of interviews with parenting authors and experts.

I spoke to writer and performer Bernadette Russell, who spent a year doing random acts of kindness for strangers.

I found it quite thought-provoking – there are so many little things we can do easily that make the world a nicer place to be, even down to just giving people our full attention and listening to them properly.

As she explains in our interview, “you just never know what effect the smallest thing can have”.

You can read the feature here (PDF).

Bernadette’s website also introduced me to the word thaumaturge (“a worker of wonders and performer of miracles; a magician”), and for that I am most grateful!

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