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I am almost willing to believe that this tyre shop in Cannock is run by the Bargen family…


Am happy to be proved wrong if anyone knows the truth!


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I think I’ll pay for three separately, thanks (Tesco in Heath Hayes/ Cannock).


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I don’t really want to mock the Staffordshire Music Centre as it looks like a brilliant venture, but they have found their “creative side” on their sign…


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I love spotting patterns in everything so my heart felt particularly warmed when these two encouraging messages lined up alongside each other on the M6 motorway this morning. Everyone can use some TLC and hugs, after all.


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I was recently described as a “grammar guardian” and it’s true that I am only a couple of steps away from carrying around a red marker pen to correct mistakes on signs. For now I manage to satisfy myself with taking pictures of the offending error (and then tweeting them for the masochistic pleasure of my fellow pedants).

It occurred to me that I could give these pictures a permanent home on here, so where better to start than with this double horror from Bellway Homes?


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