4 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi Hannah just wanted to drop you a line to say I’ve really enjoyed reading your parenting articles in Green Parent and your blog. Keep up the good work : ) x

  2. Hi Hannah
    what you have written above is very good.
    You sound like the dort if person I really need to talk to. I have Dissasociative seizures now but was epileptic until 1992 when I had a left temporalobe ectomy at the Mauldsley hospital in London. I also have poor mental health.
    I have been running for 6 yrs with a club and running is a big help with both the fits and mental health but I have now been banned from the club.

    Please could you help me?

    • Hi Simone, thanks for your comment. It sounds like you are in a frustrating situation. You could maybe contact Epilepsy Action’s helpline for advice on 0808 800 5050 or email helpline@epilepsy.org.uk I hope you can manage to resolve this and get running again to help with your seizures and your mental health.

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