Guest post: Tips for writing press releases

Hop on over to the CIPR Education and Skills blog for my guest post on writing press releases. Here’s a quick snippet to tempt you over there:

Is it actually news? It’s important to manage the expectations of your internal stakeholders. The journalist is not there to promote your business or organisation. The feral beasts of the media cannot be tamed. Corporate “key messages” will likely be removed.

It’s mostly common sense but it doesn’t hurt to go back to basics sometimes. Read the full post at Tips for writing press releases….

Feedback on my stay-at-home mum feature in the Green Parent magazine

I was so excited this morning to see that the “mail of the month” in the new issue of The Green Parent was about my feature in the previous edition.

Green Parent letter

I’m thrilled that this feature has had the effect I hoped for in encouraging women to see staying at home with their children as a viable option. It has really reminded me of the power of journalism to touch people.

A big thank you goes to Nicola, Kirsty and Lasanthi who I interviewed for the piece – I think you will have inspired numerous women!

How social media fits into higher education comms (guest post on Comms2Point0)

In my day job I manage the media and communications team at Keele University in Staffordshire, which includes media relations, the University website, social media, internal communications and our new mobile app.

Because it’s such a varied role I sometimes get asked to write guest blog posts and have been asked to do one today – I am just deciding what topic to tackle!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share one that I wrote for Comms2Point0 (an excellent resource for PR and communications professionals) last year while I was on maternity leave. Work seemed a long, long way away at that point, but I definitely stand by what I wrote through the haze of baby brain.

I wrote about how important it is to remember that social media is not simply a broadcast tool, but that it is an opportunity to be the “online embodiment of the University’s real world qualities” – a friendly, open, lively community and so on.

For many stakeholders, the University is not a faceless institution but somewhere in which they are emotionally and financially invested.

It’s not enough to simply pump out information – you need to have a real voice, a real heart, and build authentic relationships across the board.

Read more at How social media fits into higher education comms.