“The Epilepsy Nurses Association (ESNA) recently engaged Hannah as a proofreader for our national midazolam guidelines, produced in conjunction with the International League Against Epilepsy, British Chapter (ILAE), and the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Intellectual Disabilities Faculty (RCPsych). She checked the document thoroughly and asked questions to clarify her understanding of medical terminology. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and the final document was grammatically faultless after her input. Despite her work in journalism, Hannah knew very little about nursing and medicine prior to undertaking this assignment and did a brilliant job. I believe she would adapt to a wide variety of professional assignments and we will definitely be engaging her services in the future.”
Phil Tittensor, chairperson of the Epilepsy Nurses Association (ESNA)

“I am so grateful to Hannah for her work on my book. She worked quickly and accurately to a tight deadline, and was helpful and supportive as the project progressed. I would highly recommend her services as a proofreader to any writer looking to polish their work before submission or publication.”
Hayley Boden, author of Worship in Spirit and in Truth*

“Hannah was a joy to work with. She’s thorough, careful, and has a marvellous eye for detail. Hannah read through my manuscript and found errors I had never suspected. I would love to work with her again.”
Heather Shumaker, author of The Griffins of Castle Cary*

Nubian Quest is my first novel. I asked Hannah if she might consider editing and proofreading the book for me. What a great choice! She has a wonderful eye for detail and made many really helpful suggestions that allowed the book to evolve. It is no exaggeration to say that it would not be the work that it is without her input. I have learnt so much grammatically! Prior to working on Nubian Quest, she had little involvement with science fiction, but adapted to it effortlessly. I feel that she would be able to make a meaningful contribution across multiple genres, and I have recently engaged her expertise to help with my non-fiction publications. Hannah is an absolute pleasure to work with. She gives timely, constructive feedback and I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a proofreader of fiction.”
Phil Tittensor, author of Nubian Quest*

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